Meet the Band


Name: Bil Powell

Astrological sign: Leo
Instrument played: guitar, lead vocals, attitude

Tell us about your gear: Hamer guitars. Let me say that again: Hamer guitars. For me, there is no other! Carvin 100w tube stack- Itís pretty much a Marshall clone, but costs WAY less. Why pay for a name? Nady wireless units and Legend Picks.

All time favorite bands: KI$$ (the band, not the toy company) Rush, (before they started playing lullabyes) Cheap Trick, The Ramones, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, AC/DC, (with Bon) Megadeth, Anthrax, (with Joey) Metallica, (through 1991) Slave Raider, The Dictators, Alice Cooper, Manowar, Misfits, I could go on for HOURS!

Current favorite bands: Motorhead, Los Straitjackets, The Trip Daddys (from St. Louis)

What musician(s) influenced your style the most? Ace Frehley pretty much taught me to play lead. Rick Nielsen gave me a lot as far as phrasing and general madness. I have soaked up little bits & pieces from everyone through the years.

Favorite TV shows: The Munsters RULE! Iím old school- pretty much anything on TV Land is good in my book. With newer shows, I like Enterprise and The Gilmore Girls.

Favorite meal & beverage: Porterhouse steak (rare) and Diet Pepsi. Accept no substitutes!

Anything else you care to share with the folks?: Buy our CD when it comes out! And as a wise man once said: "Have a good time all the time."


Chad is the clown on the left.

Name: Chad Walls

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Instrument played: drums

Tell us about your gear: whatever i can get my hands on, mostly pawn shop or yard sale stuff, back in the days when SEARS sold instruments, i played BLACKHAWAK drums exclusively, now pretty much anything goes

All-time favorite bands: Kiss, Primal Fear, Exciter, Anvil, Frank Zappa, NWA, Charlie Daniels, Whiplash, Barry Manilow, Slayer, Wayne Newton, Suffocation, UTFO

Current favorite bands: Primal Fear, Dripping, Wayne Newton, James Taylor

What musician(s) influenced your style the most? Peter Criss, Keith Moon, Alex Hernandez, Eric Carr

Favorite TV shows: OZ, Alf, Trailer Park Boys and He-Man

Favorite meal and beverage: filet mignon (even more rare than bil's) and Moosehead

Anything else you care to share with the folks? CPT KILLDRUMS action figures coming soon!